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Are you trying to find a PPC agency that makes a profit and delivers quality results? Do you want your business to get noticed? Look no further than PPC services in India. PPC success isn’t determined by technology. Instead, it’s determined by a strategy.

GrowthMarketohs, a PPC management company, can entice your visitors to do more than click and turn them into conversions. Our PPC campaign management service considers your traffic, target customers, competition, and all factors that affect a profitable campaign.

We are an industry-leading top PPC services company in India. We offer superior keyword targeting, constant monitoring, and constant testing. Whatever your budget is, our PPC management company can manage your campaigns and get you the best ROI, so whatever your goals are, we can handle them.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Efficiently aggregate end-to-end core competencies without maintainable ideas. Dynamically foster tactical solutions without enabled value.

● Paid Search Strategy

We develop your strategy based on your industry, business, and competition.

● Implementation

We redesign PPC campaigns and create new accounts if the ROI is higher.

● Keywords

We select the right keywords and eliminate irrelevant areas.

● Writing Ad Copy

With low cost and relevant traffic, we maximize your ROI.

● Add-ons

Ad extensions make your ads stand out. Customers will value the information they get.

● Tracking

We ensure the tracking is set up correctly to maximize ROI.

● Optimizing PPC campaigns

Optimizing campaigns is a continuous process. We pay attention to the details.

● Reports

We provide you with insights into your PPC campaign status, achievements and competition.

Pay Per Click Services

Let’s bring value to your business with our digital marketing services.

Paid Search Management

Pay per Click services help you appear on the first page of search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Our 80-20 rule helps you make your brand known and your website visited.

SMO Services

Manage and beautify your social media to ensure the best user experience.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is placed on search engines and other websites to drive traffic to your website. You get charged when someone clicks on your ad. Our ad campaigns are designed to drive traffic to your website precisely how you want them to. This ensures that your budget is not wasted on irrelevant traffic. Our team at GrowthMarketohs continuously monitors and adjusts your campaign to achieve a lower cost per click, a higher click-through rate, and a higher conversation rate. Our team creates targeted ads and tests different variables and formats to determine what works. Also, we ensure that your landing pages are tailored for conversion upon landing on your website.

PPC marketing is when people search for your products or services on search engines or websites. The benefits of pay-per-click marketing aren’t just that it makes money and allows viewers to receive ads strategically. Pay-per-click marketing promotes search engine marketing. A PPC campaign gets you quality traffic. PPC marketing relies entirely on first impressions. You’ll be thrilled the first time you walk into a store and see what you’re looking for. A search engine marketing campaign allows searchers to see what they’ve typed. With a pay-per-click campaign, you will increase your sales and revenue.

A critical difference between Facebook Advertising and other forms of paid search advertising is that Facebook Advertising allows us to run ads that are not available on Google or Bing. Facebook advertising also does not require any effort on our part. Active advertising occurs when an ad is shown to a user actively searching for our product. Most commonly, this occurs on Google or Bing. Passive ads are shown to potential customers without their knowledge or consent.

There are several benefits associated with PPC. An effective search engine marketing strategy incorporates several proven elements. A small business needs fast results to grow, which is why PPC works. A PPC campaign allows you to determine which segments you need to reach based on profits, costs, visits, and clicks. It assists you in figuring out which part of your marketing campaign is not working. You can increase your business by recognizing your brand, reaching local customers, staying within budget, and receiving detailed reporting, which will help you grow your business.

Your business must utilize pay-per-click to reach out to potential customers and grow. PPC is a good choice when you are just starting and need more customers to use your products or services. This strategy builds the foundation for future growth, and there is also a need for PPC at various stages of business development. It’s a good idea to schedule your ads when they get more clicks. If your ad group gets good results from 6 pm to 9 pm, but 9 pm to 11 pm is a lean time, you can schedule your ad when it gets good results, namely 6 pm to 9 pm. With Google Ads, you can figure out when and how to run your ads using the dimension tab.

Impressions are how many times your ad appears to a potential viewer. When you use a text link, a banner, or a button, an impression shows up globally. An ad impression is how often an image appears on your desktop computer. It’s the most dangerous way to buy ads. Ad clicks are actual numbers that show how many times someone has clicked your ad. The number of clicks on the image is also calculated. This means advertisers don’t have to pay for impressions. You can determine how many people are visiting your website by looking at the number of clicks on your ads.

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